Jaime’s Queso Compuesto Dip

This queso compuesto dip is a perfect combination of salsa, queso and guacamole. Just grab your favorite chips and you’ll have a perfect afternoon snack.


10 oz. Jaime’s Chile Con Queso
1/4 cup Jaime’s Hot Red Salsa
1/2 cup Chef Miguel’s Guacamole


Scoop 10 oz. (about 1 1/4 cups) Chile con Queso in a microwave safe dish and heat to desired consistency, stirring every 20 seconds. Add 1/2 cup of Chef Miguel’s Guacamole and 1/4 cup Jaime’s Hot Red Salsa, stir, and enjoy.

Grab a jar of our gourmet salsas and queso.
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Queso Compuesto Dip | Tex-Mex Recipe